Office chair essentials

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I've created this blog to keep my client informed (on a weekly basis), what NW Resource can offer it's clients and how we can make your office a more efficient and relaxing place to work!

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Office chair essentials

All too often office chair problems cause frustrations that can be very easily solved with the some basic knowledge. Today we'll be answering 10 common office seating related questions to help you understand your chair and enjoy a more effective work day.

Q: Noisy chair?

A: This common problem is one that office furniture providers hear most frequently. Any squeaking sounds are typically the result of two metal parts brushing against each other while the chair is tilting. This issue can be resolved easily, lubricate your computer chairs seating mechanism and pneumatic lift cylinder. WD40 and powdered graphite will normally do the trick!

Q: Chair leans back too easily?

A: If while sitting in an office chair you've ever had that feeling of falling backwards, you know what we're going to say here! This is a common problem, due to the tilt tension setting on your chairs mechanism. In most cases, task chairs will have an adjustable knob located directly underneath your seat. The solution is tightening the knob and retesting the chair. Your problem should be resolved.

Q: Cleaning a leather office chair?

A: Office chair leather is about the same as car seat leather. Picking up a bottle of leather cleaner at the local auto parts store can come in very handy. Once every few months, pull out a wipe and give your leather chair a quick wipe down.

Q: Cleaning my fabric office chair?

A: Only attempt to clean a fabric office chair if it has been truly stained. Rubbing against the surface of your chair can be quite abrasive, but if your chair requires a stain removal, give us a call on what types of cleaners will work safely on your chairs specific upholstery. In most cases, a simple fabric upholstery cleaner and an car wash mitt can be purchased at your local hardware store and used effectively.

Q: Chair arms wobbling?

A: If you are adjusting your chair arms and they feel wobbly, it may be time for a quick adjustment. Grab a set of allen wrenches or screw drivers (depending on what your chair requires) and tighten the screws that attach the arms to the underside of the chair seat. This should solve your problem

Q: Chair not rolling effectively?

A: This is most regularly caused from debris (usually hair), being caught in one or all of the wheels. First, turn your chair over and take a look at the wheels. You might be surprised at what has been picked up rolling around in the office. Besides hair, paperclips, tacks, and other items can cause your chairs wheels to roll poorly. Remove all the debris and the problem should be resolved.

Q: Polished frame and arms starting to fade?

A: The polished finish on your chairs metal parts will tarnish over time. To fix this problem, get yourself a can of non-abrasive metal polish at your local hardware or auto parts store. Apply the polishing cream and wipe lightly. The finish should definitely come back to life!

Q: Chair set at an angle that is uncomfortable?

A: There should be a paddle style lever on the right hand side of your chair. Pulling this paddle in an upward motion while in your chair should change the angle at which your sitting.

Q: Chair leaning to one side?

A: If a chair is leaning to one side, it's usually the result of a bad union between the pneumatic lift cylinder and the chairs mechanism. Try removing the two from each other and reconnecting correctly. A good connection between the cylinder and mechanism should have your chair sitting level.

We hope we may have helped you solved some of your basic chair issues with today's post. If you have additional questions, or would like help fixing an office chair issue, we'd be happy to help!

Furnishing a new business

The NWR office blog

I've created this blog to keep my client informed (on a weekly basis), what NW Resource can offer it's clients and how we can make your office a more efficient and relaxing place to work!

Furnishing a start up business

The exciting process of getting a startup off the ground include many obstacles. The biggest and most important of those to overcome is securing funding.
After you locate a space, whether that be home or office space, your employees and clients need to conduct business. This is challenging without furniture. It is highly unprofessional to ask your potential business partners to sit on the floor during a meeting. All across the board, companies need the basics. A sturdy desk, comfortable chair, and good lighting.
The answer is high quality used furniture. Large companies routinely turn out fully functioning used furnishings to liquidators for resale into the marketplace. This is an excellent opportunity to populate your space with quality matching furniture that still has plenty of life left and may be added to for future reconfigurations.
That aside, it is not wise to spend a small fortune on a lot of fancy furniture. Quality should trump quantity with a few strong pieces. You can treat yourself later to the high-brow pieces you really want once you start making money.
When you are a startup in a world of new business, standing out is important. Choosing the right furniture for your office is vital. Once you have the money to realize your vision, and a backer that supports your dream, when should you purchase furniture?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much of the monthly budget can be allocated for furniture?
  2. What are must haves? (Think about it first! You don't need that aquarium if you don't have a desk yet).
  3. How many people will be working with you? Will they need a dedicated desk, or a communal workspace?
  4. How long are you planning to stay in your current office? (Small hallways and doors can hinder the move of large furniture. Easily moveable furniture is great for evolving offices).
Once you answer these questions, you will have a better idea of what to buy first. Ideal first buys are ergonomic chairs, basic desks, and ambient lighting. A well designed and ergonomically correct task chair pays for itself; Don't skimp on your employees health. It is advisable to try out ergonomic chairs and other furniture before you buy.
Get decently priced items that will last, so you don't have to buy it twice. Do your research so you find the right pieces for your business at a great price.
Good luck starting out! 

The benefits of standing

The NWR office blog

I've created this blog to keep my client informed (on a weekly basis), what NW Resource can offer it's clients and how we can make your office a more efficient and relaxing place to work!

High quality electric sit / stand table
The Standing desk

First off, we address the new practice of integrating a standing solution to your working area.

It’s no secret that obesity and sedentary lifestyles in America have been on the rise. Many experts have reported an underlying factor to many common medical problems. Sitting too long can have an negative effect on health, and standing desks in offices are gaining popularity as a solution to the problem. The World Health Organization blames physical inactivity as the 4th leading cause of death. Americans spend nearly half their lives sitting, and most people aren’t reaching the physical activity minimums that would keep them from becoming sedentary. Medical problems have been linked to sedentary lifestyles; cancer, heart disease, obesity, depression, diabetes, and neck and back problems are just some of them.

All of this sitting takes place in an office setting while working at desks, and employers, as well as employees, are starting to feel the adverse effects.  Modern studies have confirmed that sick days from muscle, neck, and back issues that were caused from sitting, have cost them about $1.5 billion each year, the country of Denmark has offered a solution to the problem, making it mandatory to give workers the option of sitting or standing while working.

Studies show that generally the more physically active someone is, the healthier they will be. Participants that had more activity throughout their work day were typically more healthy and productive than their less active coworkers. Merely an increase in standing throughout the day can make a positive difference, and standing desks are a great alternative to traditional desks since they allow users to boost their activity level. Standing desks work leg muscles, stretch the spine, increase blood circulation, and burn more calories than using a traditional desk would.

If you would like to add standing desks to your office, NWR carries two types of standing desks in several laminate finishes and
width adjustable bases in black or silver:

The Standard height adjusts from 27"h to 47"h; Weight capacity 154 lbs, Standard keypad.

The Deluxe, height adjusts from 26"h to 51½"h; Weight capacity 263 lbs, 3-height programmable keypad as well.

The cubicle

The NWR office blog

I've created this blog to keep my client informed (on a weekly basis), what NW Resource can offer it's clients and how we can make your office a more efficient and relaxing place to work!

The Cubicle

Cubicles are intended to provide privacy amongst workers, reducing distraction. Movies like Office Space have also given them a bad rap for enabling procrastination and low productivity, thankfully today, manufacturers have made respectable strides toward tackling this issue. They have altered their original cubicle designs to address the balancing act between privacy and low worker productivity.

A smart office design will create a workspace that is conducive to the purpose of the business. Some businesses require a great deal of interaction between employees, while some require privacy and concentration. Therefore cubicle walls can reach shoulder-height or even extend beyond an employee’s head depending on the communication needs of the business.
There are also office cubicle desks that measure 36" x 72", suitable for single or double workstations as well as technologically advanced cubicles that feature sound-proofing/sound masking materials for ultimate silence. But in 2014, where it’s oh so easy and tempting to get immersed in one’s own digital world of tablets and iPhones, cubicle walls can also be an abstract concept. As John Tierney from the New York Times, ,headphones are the new office cubicle walls.
Office cubicles more often than not are allowed to be personalized. There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to desk sizes, colors, shapes and materials of construction. It is important to allow employees to decorate their workspace with picture frames, posters, paintings or plants that brighten the mood, ensuring comfort and ultimately, happier employees. Happier employees means better customer service. And better customer service means happy customers. And we all know what happy customers mean.

The office at home

The NWR office blog

I've created this blog to keep my client informed (on a weekly basis), of what NW Resource can offer it's clients and how we can make your office a more efficient and relaxing place to work!

The office at home

Nowadays, with so much business through the internet, many employees can work from home. So, it’s not surprising that more and more employees are in need of a truly functional home office. With so many at-home disruptions of kids, spouses, pets, or chores, you must make sure your office environment remains quiet, clean and efficient. Make the most out of your workspace with the following home office ideas:

. Most home offices are smaller in scale, so multipurpose furniture is important - A work desk needs sufficient surface area for a computer, leaving other office essentials with little room. Files, folders, paper clips, pens and such should be placed within drawers instead of separate cabinets for easy access.

2. Cable management – Inviting a customer to your home office for the first time is similar to attending an interview. The first impression you create will define how the business deal will turn out. Cables or cords can really clutter the appearance of your home office and clients may not think very highly of you. Cable organizers can keep that tangled mess under wraps so you can secure that first impression.

3. Corner shelving – In order to save up space, make use of your corners by placing some shelves. Corner shelves are unbeatable when it comes to displaying items like  potted plants, framed certificates or pictures, printing papers and other office must-haves that make your home office feel like an office-office. NW Resource's modular line of desks can provide you with corner shelving, hutches and any additional drawer space you may need.

4. Ergonomic, space-saving chair – A supportive chair is one that makes you feel comfortable when working. A big, bulky 'executive type' chair is not ideal for small spaces. NW Resource can provide you with well priced ergonomic chairs, from either new or from our pre-owned inventories. Think of your body posture, sit up straight, keep your thighs horizontal with your knees and keep your forearms level or tilted up slightly. If your chair doesn’t allow for good body posture, you shouldn’t allow it in your home period.

5. Stimulate your brain with color – Flashy and gaudy colors are distracting and can stifle your creative juices. Shades of cream, lighter blues or yellows are the best for home office ideas. They soothe the brain, no matter the season. Add some inventive wall art! Dull and gloomy wall decoration will interfere with your motivation when working.

6. Buy quality lighting – Office lights are not supposed to be too bright or too dim as this can damage eyesight. If you can get natural light from the sun all throughout the day, do it. Sunlight saves you on energy bills anyway.